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Aircraft Acquisition Service

Whether you are in the market for a piston aircraft, turbo-prop, or a wide body business jet, Jim Clark & Associates can represent your interests in a professional manner from start to finish by evaluating your specific needs, determining your specific budget, locating the correct aircraft, negotiating the correct purchase price, coordinating the pre-purchase inspection and finally, closing the transaction.

Evaluating Your Needs

Jim Clark & Associates can help you determine the appropriate aircraft for you based on your needs and mission profile. The many different makes, models, and aircraft types can be very confusing for the individual buyer and we can help you best select the aircraft that suits your needs.

Locating Your Aircraft

Jim Clark & Associates possesses the knowledge, tools and the expertise to locate and evaluate the right aircraft for you. We will concentrate our efforts on finding the best value in the marketplace and with over thirty years experience in the purchase and sales of all types aircraft worldwide we know what to look for and we know when we've found it.


Jim Clark & Associates will coordinate all matters during closing to include title search, applications for registration, contracts and all paperwork necessary to complete the purchase.

Your Specific Buget

Jim Clark & Associates can provide you with operational specifications and costs for any aircraft and help you determine the actual cost of operation over a period of several years.

Negotiations And Pre-Purchase Inspections

Jim Clark & Associates will handle all the negotiations toward the purchase of your aircraft and of course the pre-purchase inspection. This inspection is without a doubt the most important aspect in the purchase of any aircraft. We will coordinate all areas of the inspection from start to finish and provide you with a comprehensive report upon completion.

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