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Aircraft Management

Jim Clark & Associates offers a full range of management services. Placing your aircraft in our management program can totally relieve you of the many details and requirements of aircraft ownership and flight crew management. You will profit from the advantages of aircraft ownership while allowing Jim Clark & Associates to handle all the administrative, regulatory and operational burdens.


Operating an aircraft is a very complex and time consuming task. Our job at JIM CLARK & ASSOCIATES is to keep it simple for our clients and insure your aircraft and crew are ready for safe dispatch at all times. We will make your travel experiences more efficient, more productive and a pleasure each and every flight.

Crew selection, management and training.

Discounts on maintenance, parts, fuel, hangar, and crew training.

Total maintenance oversight, aircraft care and cleaning.

All aspects of aircraft regulatory compliance.

We manage and plan the execution of all your trips from start to finish.

We arrange for fuel, customs, landing and over-flight permits, airport and hangar reservations, ground transportation and catering.

We provide you with detailed monthly reports and bill paying.

We keep you constantly informed as to the current maintenance status and upcoming inspections and events pertaining to your aircraft.

Services Offered:
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