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For the individual aircraft owner, selling an aircraft can be an excruciating process. Be it a single engine piston or a large corporate jet, you need an aircraft sales professional to handle your transaction.

Jim Clark & Associates can professionally represent your interests from start to finish and sell your aircraft in a reasonable amount of time. We will handle all aspects of the sale from advertising through pre-purchase inspection and on to closing and relieve you of the burden.

JIM: 405-787-6222
DON: 405-833-0518

A Brokerage Contract With Jim Clark & Associates Will Include:

Aircraft evaluation

We will handle all the advertising and marketing to insure your aircraft gets the maximum exposure needed to locate a qualified buyer.

marketing & Advertising

We will pay all advertising and marketing expenses to insure your aircraft gets the maximum exposure needed to complete the sale.


We will handle all negotiations, flight demonstrations, pre-purchase inspections, and contracts related to the sale and coordinate all aspects of the closing to include applications for registration, title searches, and any paperwork necessary to complete the transaction.


More than half of all aircraft transactions depend on the acceptance of a trade-in. Jim Clark & Associates is in a position to accept other aircraft in trade in order to close the sale on your aircraft. This will open the door to a much larger buyer market as most sellers are not in position to accept trades of any kind.

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